Honor the Ride. Build the Legacy.

Our Campaign and Request

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame needs your support in the campaign to keep the spirit and tradition of Sturgis and the legacy of the motorcyclist alive.

Our request is for financial assistance to sustain the following initiatives:

Initiative One:
Renewing the Legacy


Initiative One includes a 25,000 square foot addition that will accommodate more visitors, house current and future displays, incorporate themed galleries, and facilitate better direction of museum traffic. For more information, visit our Building Project page.

Initiative Two:
Showcasing the Wonder


A motorcycle without a rider is only a machine. Initiative Two proposes the creation of dynamic exhibits and galleries that will add more motorcycles and tell the personal stories of the people behind the bikes. With $1,000,000 raised, we'll improve our educational strategies, expand our galleries, and develop our programs, equipment, and technology.

Initiative Three:
Assuring the Future


To keep the spirit of Sturgis alive, we must plan for the road ahead. With $1,000,000 raised and allotted for Initiative Three, our hope is to give the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum carefully planned funding for a sustainable future.

Get Involved.
Help us reach our goal.

Here's how:

  • Donate in the form of a tax-deductible pledge of support. All gifts, large and small, will bring us closer to our $7,000,000 goal.
  • Donate to our Collection. Make your own relics a part of the Sturgis Motorcycle tradition by giving them to the Museum.
  • Donate in the form of a Legacy Gift. Name galleries, hallways, and other spaces inside the expanded Museum.
  • Start your own Endowment Fund.

Spread the word.
Help us grow.

Raising $7,000,000 is a lofty goal. However, the community of motorcyclists is millions strong, and together, we can accomplish great things. You can help us get the message of our campaign and request out there by sending an email to someone you know.

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Honor the Ride. Build the Legacy.