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Renewing the Legacy

A Growing Collection, a New Building Addition

As the central and primary location for the annual Sturgis Rally, the corner of Junction and Main in downtown Sturgis, South Dakota, may very well be the most prominent and legendary intersection in the motorcycling world. It's here you'll find the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum's 7,000+ square foot space of curated galleries, a gift shop, administrative offices, and additional support areas. There's no better place on earth for celebrating and showcasing motorcycle culture and history and beginning any journey through the Black Hills.

However, our collection has outgrown the current Sturgis Motorcycle Museum building, as it stands today. With our current space brimming to capacity, an expansion project is a fundamental part of what the Museum's future holds.

Building the Vision

BUILDING PROJECT PHASE 1. As the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum has grown its galleries, collections, visitor traffic and Hall of Fame so has the need for more space. In order to retain our original space on the corner of Junction and Main, the Museum acquired the adjacent property to bring our expansion project to realization. Our vision of the anticipated expansion project is of a multi-level, state-of-the-art addition that will double the current square footage and bring the entire collective space to 14,000 square feet. Currently, we have updated windows, roofing and accomplished other maintenance in a preparation phase. Our goal is to reveal plans for this expansion and announcing groundbreaking in 2018. Our Legendary Main Campus will become Rally Centric and offer a timeline of experiences during the Sturgis Rally from 1938 to current day. The exhibits will include a Virtual Reality ride down Main Street while the Rally is in town. The Museum will also include information about Pappy and Pearl Hoel, the Jackpine Gypies, Flat-track racing, Hill Climbs, Motorcycle Clubs, Campgrounds, Mayors Ride and all the other great moments and memories of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This campus will also be the best place to get your Rally T-shirt year-round.

BUILDING PROJECT PHASE 2. With the Legendary Main Campus being tasked with holding over 70+ years of Rally history, the exhibit space runs out quickly. Hence the need for a second location within Sturgis to display our Hall of Fame heritage, our pre-1938 motorcycle collection, and our tribute to the motorcycle industry. This campus off exit 32 on Heritage Hill near the Scott Peterson Ford dealership will also allow for the museum to host vintage motorcycle repair seminars, rider training courses, and retreats geared towards the motorcycle enthusiast. The Hall of Fame campus will also house a theater for viewing documentaries and Hall of Fame members video biographies. If we continue to get the support and contributions from the riding community, South Dakota Tourism, collectors and Hall of Fame members we will open the Phase 2 campus in time for the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. 

Support Our Project

OUR TOTAL GOAL: $3,500,000

In order to complete this project and achieve our goal of a bigger, better Sturgis Motorcycle Museum featuring a tribute to the Hall of Fame, we anticipate a financial need of $1,500,000. Our vision relies on pledges of support from members and supporters of the motorcycle community, any and all who have a hand in building and/ or appreciating the sport and culture of motorcycling. Besides the building expansion, this goal also includes $1,000,000 to add to our collection fund and $1,000,000 to establish a permanent endowment.

Please support and help us "Honor the Rider."