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We’re a non-profit, member and donor supported museum dedicated to preserving the past, educating about the sport and culture, and playing a pivotal role in the future of motorcycling. Our facility is a unique destination, a prominent Black Hills attraction showcasing vintage motorcycles, artifacts, and memorabilia.

Our collection is a growing celebration of the past, present, and future of motorcycle culture. It pays tribute to the remarkable machines that started it all, as well as the dedicated people who bring it to life and ensure its survival. When it comes to biker culture, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is one of the Black Hills best attractions.

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The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum is for everyday riders, Rally visitors, and other members of the motorcycle industry who love and respect motorcycle history and culture. But it's also for anyone who is simply interested in learning more about motorcycling and about the phenomenon that is "Sturgis."

Keep the Legacy Alive
Downtown Sturgis during the Rally

We're located in Sturgis, South Dakota:
home of one of the biggest and best motorcycle rallies in the world and heart of the motorcycle community. Sturgis is a premier motorcycling destination boasting countless scenic rides through the Black Hills, hosting the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and committing to the motorcycle lifestyle year-round with the Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.

More about the rally August 4-13, 2016